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"Behind Nowhere" was postponed, because Tim and Adrien Soret want to make a "real" game out of their Cyberpunk Jam Event winning game "The Last Night" first.
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Behind Nowhere is an upcoming pixel art game developed and presented to you by Tim and Adrien Soret from Paris. This is a tribute to a forgotten genre: the action platformer and is inspired by games like Another World, Flashback, Oddworld Abe's Odyssee, Heart of Darkness and Limbo.


This game is targeting PC, MAC and PS4.


  • Art, animation, game design, story: Tim and Adrien Soret
  • Music: Laurent Lozano
  • Code: Kamran Khan
  • Engine: Unity

How to Support this Game

The Kickstarter campaign is starting in 2015! We will keep you up do date!

Visit Tim and Adrien Soret also here on their homepage!


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